Welcome to Central NC Council COPE & Climbing program. The Council office is located in Albemarle, NC. The onsite location of the COPE and climb components are at Camp John J. Barnhardt in New London, NC. The facilities are open year round upon request.

COPE Level II Instructor Training

Level II Instructor training is being held on May 4-6, 2018 at Camp John J. Barnhardt.  This course can be taken if you are 21+ and have completed Level I.  The COPE Level II certification is granted upon satisfactory completion of the course and the age of 21+..  You can re-certify the certification every 3 […]


Level I & IIT training

Level I Instructor & IIT training is being held on March 25, 2018 at Camp John J. Barnhardt.  This course can be taken if you are 16+ and have completed Climb On Safely.  The Level I certification is granted upon satisfactory completion of the course and the age of 18+.  If you complete the course […]


Diggy Hole

With the auger out, we resorted to renting a 2 man auger for the weekend. It was a very exhausting day. We found limestone, clay, and roots. Not the best things to deal with. Of course we were blessed in other areas where the auger just flew right through the dirt. Best news of all, […]


Leveling and Breaking Ground

With some poles for us to begin using, we were excited to head to Camp Barnhardt again. Today was the day to have Mehi level some ground for us and dig some holes with the auger. While that was going on, we were able to blow the leaves off the trail and manually level some […]


We Have Poles!!!

We were starting to get a little worried on the poles. Poles are still being promised to us, but its going to be many weeks before delivery. Fortunately we found someone that had most of the smaller poles. Even better was the fact that they gave them to us. About 15 poles are now at […]


Clearing Roads and Making Pathways

Another great day at Camp Barnhardt. Its always great to have friends willing to come out and help for a good cause. The goal for the day was to start establishing the trails and make pathways big enough for tractor to come down. We quickly got to work on the largest trees. Then we teamed […]

New Low COPE Course

Trail Markings and Map Time

Our first weekend at camp was an exciting one. It needed to go back to each of the markings and refresh our map. We then took flags to mark the entire trail. With the leaves off the trees, we could now get a better map of the area.


Krispy Kreme Donuts!

All forms filed and ready to do our fundraiser. Our first goal was to sell 25 dozen donuts along with some drinks at the merit badge mania. We were excited to speak with everyone to let them know of our low COPE project. There were plenty of youth and adults to enjoy the great taste […]

The initial design of the low COPE course.

Low COPE Project Begins

Late last year, we pitched an idea to Central NC Council for building a new low COPE course down by the handicraft shelter. The project involved raising the funds, purchasing the materials, and building the course. We staked out the area, drew up some plans, and presented it to the committee. Thankfully the project was […]


Trailblazers Girl Scouts Camporee

BSA Central NC Council’s COPE and Climbing team was in full action for this event. The camporee for the COPE and climb staff was on Saturday, May 6 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We were blessed to have good weather the whole day. On this day we were able to run 2 rappels, 1 […]